Management of Conservation Projects and Programs on Biodiversity and Sustainable Development in Peru and Latin America

With almost 30 year experience on this type of projects and programs, and thanks to our know how on this field and to a great team of high skilled professionals, ProNaturaleza is able to offer to both the International Technical Cooperation and to the Private and Public sectors, at national and international levels: i. Development of baselines for projects and programs; ii. Formulation of Biodiversity and Sustainable Development projects. iii. Implementation of these projects, and iv. Mid-term and final evaluations of projects and programs.

Studies and/or design of educational tools to facilitate environmental management and governance

Since 2008 ProNaturaleza has been developing skills and gaining valuable experience on the designing of educational tools to contribute to environmental management and governance, mainly in the Amazon region. These innovative tools are available both to Peruvian and international companies.