Our work

Active participation in the effective management of protected natural areas of high conservation value.

We endorse the management of protected natural areas, promoting sustainable initiatives that improve the livelihoods of local residents through conservation and management of biological diversity. We also drive the identification and categorization of protected natural areas and conservation priority sites using instruments such as master plans, financial sustainability plans, land use plans, etc., necessary for effective sustainable management. We seek to reduce direct and indirect negative impacts by building capacities for the sustainable use of natural resources. We constantly train government employees on environmental issues, as well as people involved in a variety of social groups, in charge of managing protected spaces.

We work in the following protected natural areas:


reservaPacaya Samiria National Reserve (RNPS)

Debt-For Nature Swaps in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.

reserva-pucacuroPucacuro Natural Reserve (RNP)

Biological Diversity Monitoring in support of the Effective Management of the Pucacuro National Reserve.

reserva-allpahuayoReserva Nacional Allpahuayo Mishana

Control and Surveillance with the Participation of the local population in the Allpahuayo Mishana National Reserve.


parque-purusAlto Purús National Park (PNAP) and Purús Communal Reserve (RCP)

Sound, Participatory and Sustainable Management in the Atalaya and Purús Sectors of Alto Purús National Park 2012. Conserving the headwaters of the Purús Manu Corredor, Ucayali.

zona-sierra Sierra del Divisor Reserved Zone (ZRSD)

Creation and Consolidation of a Mosaic of Conservation Areas, Indigenous Reserves and Protected Areas with Sustainable Use in the Border Region of the Sierra del Divisor.


parque-yanachagaYanachaga Chemillén National Park (PNYCH) and Yánesha Communal Reserve (RCY)

Improving the Production and Commercialization of Organic Cacao and Achiote in the Buffer Zone of the Yanesha Communal Reservation, Pasco.


tambopataTambopata National Reserve

We promote actions to prevent threats and reduce the impacts that can be generated in this protected natural area, especially caused by small-scale mining activity. We develop communication materials to strengthen the identification of the local population with the biodiversity of the reserve and for an actively participation in its conservation.

bahuajaBahuaja Sonenene National Park

We provide technical assitance and training to the BSNP Management Committee and to the Park Headquarters. We participate in planning processes, such as the update of its Master Plan. We are part of the initiative “Bahuaja Sonene: Known and inspires”, collective institutions, artists, journalists and chefs who promotes the conservation of the park.

Enhancing the value of Peruvian biodiversity through economic initiatives based on sustainable management of natural resources.

We promote and implement environmentally friendly economic initiatives that facilitate responsible and competitive management of natural resource use. We also articulate sustainably managed products toward specific markets in order to generate better social and economic conditions for local residents in our areas of work. This has proven that conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity go hand in hand and are key elements for generating tangible benefits for local populations.

The most noteworthy resources in our areas of work include:

algarroboCarob – Dry Forest in Tumbes

Development of the Productive and Commercial Capacity of Producers of Organically Certified Carob Flour, Tumbes, Perú.

cacaoCacao – Central Jungle in Pasco

Improving the Production and Commercialization of Organic Cacao and Achiote in the Buffer Zone of the Yanesha Communal Reserve, Pasco.

paichePaiche, Arahuana, Aguaje and Taricaya – Lowland Jungle in Loreto

Debt-for Nature Swaps for Conservation in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. Sustainable Fisheries Management in the Buffer Zone of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.

camu-camuCamu Camu – Lowland Jungle in Loreto

Competitive Development of Camu Camu in the Amazon, Napo and Tigre River Basins, Loreto Region.

productos-forestalesNon-Timber yielding Forest Products – Lowland Jungle in Ucayali

Strengthening Border Integration – Peru Component” (financed by OTCA and GIZ) and Creation and Consolidation of Conservation Mosaic Areas, Indigenous Reserves and Sustainable Use Areas in the Border Region of the Sierra del Divisor Mountain range.

nautaAlong the Iquitos – Nauta highway in Loreto

Planting for the Future: Financially sustainable Agro Forestry Systems and Payments for Environmental Services.

Deploying environmental culture and sustainable development in Peruvian society and government.

We develop environmental education programs geared toward promoting knowledge of local biological diversity and its sustainable use, targeting children. We have been promoting the “Dream 2” educational program in rural schools in Tumbes, Oxapampa and Ancash, generating an environmental conscience in school age children.

We also work to encourage the active and informed participation of residents on environmental topics. We accomplish this by involving local populations so that they become change agents and the main beneficiaries of improved environmental and social conditions in their communities. We work with regional and local governments, a variety of government agencies as well as with civil society organizations to propel the formation of viable policies that incorporate environmental management tools in order to ensure the appropriate use of natural resources and preserve environmental integrity.

tumbes-pasco-anchashTumbes, Pasco, Ancash

We promote the educational development in rural schools though nature conservation projects; we encourage the participation of various educational actors (teachers and parents) in the planning, implementation and evaluation of initiatives through the sustainable use of renewable resources.

madre-de-dios-punoMadre de Dios and Puno

Strengthening the Lobbying Capacity of Civil Society for the Prevention and Mitigation of Social and Environmental Impacts Generated by Mega investment Project in Madre de Dios and Puno. Contributing toward the Creation and Implementation of a Sound Regional Conservation System in Madre de Dios.

Brokering Socio Environmental Responsibility in extractive industries and infrastructure.

As a technical advisory organism, we advocate for conservation and better land use in areas in which energy investment and road infrastructure projects are being implemented by conciliating corporate and local interests. To achieve this goal, we deploy participatory socio environmental monitoring programs in order to minimize negative environmental impacts and achieve development opportunities in a context of sustainability and socio environmental responsibility.

ayacucho-huancavelicaAyacucho-Huancavelica – Ica

Participatory Socio Environmental Monitoring Program for the Operational Phase of the PERU LNG – Ayacucho – Huancavelica – Ica Gas Pipeline (PMSAP-PLNG).


Community Environmental Monitoring Program in the Upper Urubamba-Cuzco (PMAC-AU).


Community Environmental Monitoring Program in the Lower Urubamba-Cuzco (PMAC-BU).


Community Environmental Monitoring Program for the South – Upper Urubamba – Cusco Loop (PMAC-LS).


Community Environmental Monitoring Program – Río Corrientes – Lot 8 – Loreto (PMAC-CO).


Independent Community Environmental Monitoring Program (PMASI).


Participatory Community Environmental Monitoring Program (PMSAP –CHUCAPACA).


Participatory Socio Environmental Monitoring and Surveillance Program – (PMVSAP).